CST Courses

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Extension courses

These courses are delivered in-person, either on Monday evenings on Saturday seminars. Along with face-to-face class meetings, students in these courses complete online assignments and meet with discussion groups as well.

  • M-HT3300 Intro to Apologetics

  • M-BS2400 Intro to Hermeneutics

  • M-HT3400 Christian Ethics

  • M-MS7001 Missiology

  • M-CE8301 Biblical Church Leadership

  • M-HT3200 Theology I

  • M-HT3201 Theology II



Credit: $250/credit hour
CORE: $50/credit hour
Audit: $100/course

Online Courses

These courses are delivered through the online format. Thus, students in these courses can benefit from the convenience of online education while also remaining connected to their peers.

M-MN5468 Leadership Practicum
M-MN5060 Church Evangelism & Discipleship Practicum
M-BS2210 Old Testament Survey I
M-BS2211 Old Testament Survey II
M-BS2310 New Testament Survey I
M-BS2311 New Testament Survey II
M-HT3100 History of Christianity I
M-HT3101 History of Christianity II


Credit: $325/credit hour
CORE: $50/credit hour
Audit: $100/course

WHat Is A credit student?

A credit student takes Cornerstone School of Theology classes at the highest level of rigor. They have either been accepted into Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s MTS program or are currently pursuing admission into the program.

What is a CORE student?

CST also offers a non-accredited theological training program. Students who choose this option pay a lower price while fulfilling all of the same requirements as our credit-earning students (homework, exams, etc.). 

What is an Audit Student?

If you’re interested in classroom training but not the credit or the workload of the MATS/CORE programs, you can participate at the “audit” level at greatly reduced cost. All you have to do is sign up!