Cornerstone School of Theology (CST) is an equipping ministry of Cornerstone Church in Ames, Iowa. CST combines the vitality and experience of a thriving church with the academic rigors of accredited theological training. Our passion is to see God’s church strengthen and multiply – whether in central Iowa or to nations a hemisphere away.


Since 2010, CST has partnered with Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (MBTS) in Kansas City, Missouri, to provide students the opportunity to earn an accredited Master’s in Theological Studies (MTS) degree in just 2 years.  CST courses cover a broad range of content from Systematic Theology and Evangelism to Old & New Testament study, Church History, and more. Whether taken at credit or audit level, these courses equip students for life and ministry and empower them to live out their faith.

Interested in Volunteer Ministry?

Get involved with CST and grow in your ability to lead small groups and Bible Studies for young people, college students, and adults. CST could also provide a pathway to becoming a deacon or elder or even a community member of future Cornerstone church planting teams. Consider taking CST classes at the Audit or CORE level if you are not interested in an accredited degree.

Interested in Vocational Ministry?

The CST experience and the MTS degree can be used to launch students into a few distinct paths in vocational ministry.

Regional Church Planting
Cornerstone is active in planting churches regionally, and one purpose of CST is to be a training center for prospective church planters. CST students are often identified those who will be sent out to plant future churches.

Regional Church Leadership
Beyond church planters, Salt Network churches will also be looking to CST to develop future leadership positions in youth ministry, family ministry, college ministry, worship arts, technical arts, and more.

International Church Planting
Cornerstone families are beginning to form teams that will soon be heading overseas to plant churches in other countries. Participation in CST courses will be a key requirement as Cornerstone continues sending mature believers to spread the gospel around the world.

Master’s in Divinity Programs
The MTS degree fits seamlessly into the MBTS Master’s in Divinity programs. With concentrations in areas such as Counseling and Christian Education, the MDiv provides a gateway into many different occupations.