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Dates: January 14 – May 2

Registration Deadline: January 7

In the second installment of two systematic theology courses, students will be introduced to the foundations of Christian theology - especially the doctrines of the Christ, salvation, the Church, the Holy Spirit, and the End Times. This is a seminar-based course with all-day meetings on February 9, March 9, and April 27. There are also required readings, writing assignments, and small group cohort meetings to give students opportunity to have diverse learning experiences as they encounter some of the most important topics in the Christian faith.


OT I Dates: January 14 - March 7
OT II Dates: March 11 - May 2

Registration Deadline: January 7

Through these two courses, students will travel through each book of the Old Testament. Students will read each book of the OT, complete written assignments, and participate in lecture and discussion either online or in-person. By the end of the course, students will have a basic knowledge and familiarity of the Old Testament that will equip them to interpret and apply the theological content of these books.